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Mus Vic – First Impression Mixtape

My homie Mus Vic just released his first mixtape First Impression and it’s available for free online. Download it here:

Mus Vic – First Impression

  1. Free Soul (produced by Artefact)
  2. Whirlwind Thru Cities (produced by DJ Roach)
  3. Listen (produced by Artefact)
  4. Vibe Out feat. Xentrik (No Right Turn) (produced by !llmind)
  5. Lay Back (produced by Apollo Brown)
  6. Wut We Stand For (produced by Tony Stark)
  7. Turn Out Right (produced by Big Pete)
  8. Respect (produced by Artefact)
  9. Feel My Pain (produced by 2Deep)
  10. Sentence To Life
  11. Drugs (produced by Ratatat)
  12. Hunger Trip (produced by Apollo Brown)
  13. Roundtrip (produced by C-Sick)
  14. Welcome Home (produced by DJ Sabzi)

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